the Winsome Duo

The WINSOME DUO is an excellent option for the afternoon's canapes and lawn games or for providing background music during dinner, before the fun kicks off with the full band. Below is a little clip of the Winsome Duo playing a wedding ceremony at Lake Taupo.

The WINSOME DUO are Elan and Carrie on vocals, guitars, and bass, playing acoustic background music to set a beautiful, relaxed vibe.

We cater for the earlier part of your day whether it's a wedding or corporate function.


For weddings, we can provide ceremony music (walking up the aisle, signing of the register, walking out) as well as canapés entertainment  for the afternoon.


At functions, we can provide background entertainment for the afternoon mingling, drinks & canapés, or during dinner before the fun kicks off with the full band.​​


We absolutely loved the duo during the afternoon.

During the signing of the register it was just magical. Its amazing how the acoustic duo sets a lovely relaxing atmosphere and a great vibe. I'm so glad we decided to get the Winsome Duo to play for the afternoon.

William Ellis, Taupo Wedding