Which area's of the country does Winsome Lost cover?

We service the following areas: - Wellington - Kapiti - Manawatu - Wairarapa Further afield such as Taupo, Blenheim, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Auckland and overseas will be considered, but does add cost. Please contact us to have a chat :)

Booking & Payment Terms

- Once your booking is pencilled the date is saved for you and no one else can have it. - We don't usually worry about a deposit but please let us know if you have a change of plans. - We confirm all bookings 6 months out from the date. - A few weeks before your date we will send out a booking form to nut out the details. - Full payment is due two weeks before your date, unless otherwise arranged. - Covid cancellations: We will be as flexible as possible to find a new date or refund your money. Please note in some cases, non-refundable expenses that have already been incurred (e.g. ferry bookings, plane tickets, accommodation for gigs further afield) cannot be refunded. - If we are unable to play due to events or circumstances outside of our control ( force majeure) we will work with the client to find a new date or refund our performance fee in full minus any non-refundable expenses already incurred.

A Typical Wedding with the Winsome Lost

- We usually arrive in the afternoon between the ceremony and dinner to set up our gear. - Setting up takes approx. 1.5 hours and can be done relatively discreetly. - If you are using our microphones for speeches we will aim to get that set up for you first. - We really appreciate some form of nourishment/dinner being provided for the 5 band members, especially in remote settings. - After dinner we usually kick off around 8pm with a first dance (or whatever the couple has decided), followed by everyone joining in on the dancefloor and the band cracking on with set 1. Over the course of the next 4 hours the band will play 3 full sets with 2 breaks. Sometimes dessert will run alongside the band playing. - The band will aim to include songs to meet most tastes and age brackets and throw in a few fun dances, reading the crowd for what will go down well. - The band makes up the set list but you're welcome to tell us your favourite songs. - The band will finish up after 4 hours or around 12am (whichever comes first) after which the band packs up (approx.1 hour) and drives home. - Note: Weddings often run late, which doesn't worry us, though usually due to the travel times to get home we aim to finish around 12am regardless. - We're happy to modify the above timings to suit your needs, just get in touch and we'll make a plan. - Please note, if you wish for the band to set up earlier in the day, before your ceremony, this will incur additional fees.

Ceremony & Cocktail Hour with the Winsome DUO

Setting up for the Winsome Duo takes approx. 1 hour, though if possible we will aim to arrive 1.5 hours before our starting time. If we are playing for your ceremony we require power to the site. Usually we will play one song for your walk up the aisle, one song for the signing of the register and one song for your walk back down the aisle. You can choose all your ceremony songs from our Winsome Duo set list. Also included in our ceremony fee is us learning a special song of your choice. Please give us at least 4 weeks notice for your song choice. In rare cases we may need to work with you to adjust your song choice to one that works for the instruments and voices we have at our disposal :) If you'd like one or more of the songs to be played off Spotify thats an option too. If the Winsome Duo is playing during your canapés/cocktail hour we require power and 2 chairs to the site. If we're moving from the ceremony site to a canapé's site this move usually takes about 30 minutes. For the cocktail hour we usually play 2 x 45 minute sets seperated by a short break. If the weather is looking wet we require shelter from the elements to protect our instruments and electrical equipment.

What you'll need to provide

Power to the site: We will bring all our own power boards and extension cords, but we require you to have power at the site where you want the band to play. If the Winsome duo is playing for your ceremony we will require power to the ceremony site. If the Winsome Duo is playing for your canapés we will require power to this site as well. A normal household plug or an extension cord from a household plug is enough to power the band. If you're using a generator 10amps/1200 Watts should be sufficient, though it probably wouldnt hurt to go a bit gruntier. The only time we've ever tripped a circuit was with a big fridge/cooler runnig off the same circuit, so try and avoid this. Solid floor area approx. 4mx4m: Ideally carpet, wood, plywood, concrete or similar. Dry grass and hard ground is also ok. Wet muddy paddocks are not ok. Shelter from rain: If our gear gets wet it can be damaged or cause electrical shock (not fun) so while we're happy to play outside on a clear night think about a back up plan if the weather is not looking flash. And please remember, moving the bands gear once set up, takes approx 1.5 hours. Shelter from wind: Wind noise gets picked up over the microphones which makes an annoying wooshing sound all night. If its looking windy have a back up plan. For the ceremony people generally put up with the wind and we're happy too as well. Food & Drink: We don't expect it, but we really appreciate some form of nourishment/dinner being provided for the 5 band members, especially in remote settings. If you are unable to provide this don't worry, we'll understand, but please let us know so we can organize some food to bring with us.

A Typical Xmas Do

We're happy to work with you to bring your vision to life. For Christmas parties we'll typically set up before dinner and start playing after dinner through to the end of the night. If you're after background music during dinner you may want to consider the Winsome Duo for the earlier part of the evening and the full band for after dinner.

Booking Special Events

We understand that all events are unique and we're happy to work with you to create your event. We're flexible, reliable, and responsive communicators. Sometimes event coordinators will hire their own sound technicians, in which case we will provide a 'Tech Rider' to the engineer. Other times we will hire our own sound engineer if the size of the event is too large for our own gear. The cost of this will be clearly communicated to the client so they can make informed decisions. A press kit can be provided on request.